Mixed Vegetable Tarts

Sorry for lack of updates. My family had caught a bout of cold and coughs these few week.s And so they have been requesting for simple foods. I recently made a simple vegetable lunchbox, mostly raw except for cooked chickpeas, olives and canned mushrooms. I placed an assortment of vegetables into mountain bread “shells” (you […]

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Rice soup (泡饭)

Some people like to eat rice soup to save some time. Others may like it due to personal preferences, or some people eat so often, especially the elderly.  Some parents often serve with soup to feed a child,  thinking that the soaked rice will become more soft and easier to swallow and digest.  I used […]

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Nut Roast

This is a recipe for nut roast, also called a vegetarian’s alternative to meat. People usually eat this during Christmas time but I think nut roast is so delicious that it can be eaten any day.  I think mine looks like Singapore carrot cake actually (HAHA) but it has gotten many likes on my Instagram(@orangeorchids65) […]

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Kerala Aviyal (Mixed Vegetables With Coconut)

I have a friend from Kerala who told me about this dish from his hometown. Aviyal is a traditional vegetarian dish that involves the use of yoghurt. However, in this vegan version, I skipped it entirely. It turned out to be delicious too! I really like the beautiful green colour from the blended paste of […]

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